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If you have a good idea for an innovative ultrasound proposition requiring 4D ultrasound probe technology, we are the right partner for success.

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About Oldelft Ultrasound

Oldelft was founded in 1939 as a company specialized in optics. In the 1980s, the company started with the development of ultrasound probes. Oldelft was the first company to deliver a TEE solution. It has delivered TEE (transesophageal echocardiography) probes to all major ultrasound companies.

In 1998 Oldelft Ultrasound split off from the Oldelft mother company and started operating as a separate business unit within Delft Instruments. In 2019, Smile Invest acquired the majority interest from Gimv.

// ''Oldelft Ultrasound invests in next-generation miniaturized 2D and 4D products. These will further boost the capabilities of healthcare professionals across the world.''
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Portrait - Oldelft

Oldelft's new head office

210421__MG_3413_Lucas van der Wee.jpg08 Jun We’re proud to say that Oldelft has moved to the new head office on the Heertjeslaan 10 in Delft. After two years planning, design and construction the new office and manufacturing location is ... full story

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