Adult TEE Probe

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The Adult TEE Probe has proven its quality over the last twenty years and was among the first TEE multiplane probes in the market. It is the most compact TEE probe for adult applications in its segment.

Key features

  • The tip size and ergonomic form make the transducer suitable for a broad range of adult patients
  • The frequency range and high-resolution enable imaging of various cardiac structures
  • Array rotation from 0 to 180 degrees can be controlled quickly and easily with a manual knob or by means of push buttons (motorized version only)
  • The articulation of the tip section is equipped with a special anti-buckling design
  • The manual version has a 2-way (U/D) articulation section
  • The motorized version has a 4-way (U/D, L/R) articulation for better positioning
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Complete 2D imaging TEE portfolio

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Unique 4D imaging solutions

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Tailor-made transducer innovations

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Transducer specifications

  • Number of elements: 64
  • Pitch: 0.159 mm
  • Elevation aperture: 9.1 mm
  • Frequency: 5.0 MHz
  • Bandwidth: > 80 %
  • Tip dimensions width: 14.3 mm
    Height: 10.6 mm
    Length: 30.6 mm
  • Shaft thickness: 11.2 mm
  • Elevation focus: 50 mm
  • Array rotation: 180 °
  • Up-down articulation
  • Left-right articulation (motorized version only)

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