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Oldelft is developing and producing its products at Delftechpark for 10 years now.

This location is becoming too small for our expanding business. Together with the well-known architect Cepezed, Oldelft is developing a new facility to optimize new product development and the assembly process. On behalf of ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, a.s.r. real estate has purchased the new headquarters of Oldelft Ultrasound.

The new facility will be located at the Heertjeslaan 10 on the University Campus of the Technical University of Delft. This building will enable Oldelft to grow further and optimize the layout of R&D and production areas.

Oldelft worked closely together with TU Delft for years now and is looking forward to expanding this successful cooperation.

Nicoly Vermeulen, member of the TU Delft Executive Board, is proud that Oldelft has decided to set up business at TU Delft Campus: “We see plenty of possibilities to work together, in scientific projects as well as in the development of medical instruments, for example in living labs. The arrival of Oldelft Ultrasound will also further strengthen the TU Delft Campus as a technology ecosystem where businesses and knowledge institutions work together on groundbreaking innovations.”

The design is optimized for flexibility of current and future processes, interaction of employees between departments and a sustainable and ecological building design. TU Delft Campus is a green location. This is one of the reasons why cepezed has put a lot of effort into an ecological, nature-inclusive design including green facades. The sustainability ambition for Oldelft is a BREEAM-Excellent certification.

Oldelft plans to move into the new facility beginning of the year 2021.

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