Our 2D TEE Transducers


Neonatal TEE Probe

Unique in the market and is specially designed for cardiac applications in newborns as small as 2.5 kg. 

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Pediatric TEE Probe

Its design and unmatched image quality make the Pediatric miniMulti TEE probes the gold standard in TEE probes for pediatric patients.

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Adult TEE Probe

Has proven its quality over the last twenty years and was among the first TEE multiplane probes in the market.

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  • Complete 2D imaging TEE portfolio
  • Unique 4D imaging solutions
  • Tailor-made transducer innovations

TEE products for 2D ultrasound Imaging

Oldelft Ultrasound has developed a wide range of medical ultrasound probes, with the most complete portfolio of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) probes for 2D imaging in the market.

We offer manual and motorized adult TEE for applications in adult patients, miniMulti TEE for pediatric applications, and the unique microMulti TEE for peri-operative monitoring in neonatal patients. The microMulti is also often used for long-term monitoring of adult patients. Our Multiplane TEE probes are renowned for their undisputed image quality and compact designs. Its OEM model makes Oldelft Ultrasound highly experienced in customizing the interface of its TEE probes to a wide range of different brands of ultrasound systems.

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TEE products for 2D ultrasound Imaging

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