Our 4D TEE Transducers


4D ICE Transducer

The 4D ICE transducer is based on a single ASIC design for an acoustic stack, consisting of 1024 elements for sending and receiving.

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Mini 4D TEE Probe

The world’s first and most compact 4D TEE transducer is specially designed for pediatric patients as small as 5kg.

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Adult 4D TEE Probe

has perfectly balanced functionality and image quality comparable to the current 4D TEE probes on the market. 

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Adult 4D TEE Probe Premium

The adult 4D TEE Premium probe will inaugurate the next generation. It has the highest performance in functionality and image quality on the market.

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  • Complete 2D imaging TEE portfolio
  • Unique 4D imaging solutions
  • Tailor-made transducer innovations

Unique solutions for 4D Ultrasound imaging

Oldelft Ultrasound has worked hard at developing a unique and innovative USX platform for 4D ultrasound imaging. The USX platform is based on a highly innovative in-house designed ASIC. Our 4D products include real-time 3D ultrasound probes and matrix TEE probes (or matrix transducers). 

What makes the USX platform so unique is the scalability of the technology. The technology can be applied in several 4D ultrasound solutions. One example is 4D-ICE transducers, the world’s first 4D ultrasound transducer that can be built into catheters for intracardiac imaging during electrophysiology and interventional cardiology procedures. Our transducers can be built into catheters as small as 12 French. Other examples are the world’s smallest 4D TEE probe for pediatric applications and interventional cardiology, and the next-generation 4D adult TEE probes.

What also makes the USX platform so unique is that once a customer has integrated one of the 4D ultrasound solutions, it has interfaced all other 4D solutions as well. Its OEM model makes Oldelft Ultrasound highly experienced in customizing the interface of its TEE probes to a wide range of different brands of ultrasound systems. 

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Unique solutions for 4D ultrasound Imaging

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